The earthquake that struck Nepal late last month has again motivated University of Wollongong students to dig deep and raise money to support a country and community in need.

Students and musicians gathered at a music event on Tuesday night to raise funds for displaced families in Nepal. The event was organised by the UOW Music Society and the Friends of the Himalayan Children charity. The fundraiser was held in a small Wollongong apartment but priduced big results, with $1555 raised on the night.

The funds will go to Batase Village, a community that was close to the epicentre of the earthquake. It is a two-day walk from Kathmandu, the closest city.

Chloe Hearn, who volunteered in the Batase Village last year, said the village had been shattered.

“The school and house has been completely destroyed by the earthquake – all of the village is currently sleeping outside in the Himalayan cold with no shelter, dirty water and is nearly running out of food,” she said.

Local musicians who supported the event included Ollie Nathan-Truesdale, Natalie Lizak, Loki Hines, Jack Dawson and Aaron Lucas.