The Balgownie Rangers youth side has advanced through to the next stage as they beat University of Wollongong FC 2-1.

The Rangers fought back from a one goal deficit as they won the game with two goals in the 2nd half including a late penalty converted by midfielder Tommy Cusack in the 84th minute.

Rangers forward Adam Monteleone admits the team was shaken up as the early goal went in.

“I think everyone on the field was nervous, I won’t lie,” he said.

“But I think the game was really saved when coach subbed Luke and I off, I think that was the turning point and the team pulled through in the second half.”

Forward Nhickkos Valentin had a great performance in a time that mattered the most, having an assist in the first goal and bringing life to the Rangers with his appearance.

Winger Xavier Fiumara had high praise of him and his performance.

“Nik had probably his best game of the season when it mattered the most…,” he said.

“That was probably what saved us at the end of the day, he got the assist for the first goal and it sparked Liam’s second half resurgence.”

With a 3-1 loss against Fernhill FC the Gerringong Breakers will be the Rangers opponents in the upcoming round.

Moneteleone said they are not scared of the Breakers and know that they can get a result against them.

“We’re feeling good, based on the results,” he said.

“Last time we beat Gerringong and I scored, that was nice.

“That was the start of our run we’ve played back to back to back top four opposition and then we played them in the final.

“Gerringong are now on the back of three losses going into this one, this is the matchup we wanted to see.”

The Balgownie Rangers and Gerringong Breakers will face off at Tarrawanna Oval Saturday September 2 at Tarrawanna Oval to decide who will advance to the next stage.