A dozen police cars were called in to break up a St Patrick’s Day party attended by more than 300 university students on Monday night – the second large party to be broken up in less than six months.

Students had moved on to the street during the party in Keiraville, which started in two neighbouring share houses.

Six Wollongong police cars were called to Robsons Road about 8:20pm, and then called for back-up from the dog squad, highway patrol and Lake Illawarra Command.

Inspector Dan Richardson from Wollongong Police said officers would speak with the university to find out how the party was organised. He also urged students not to promote private events on social media.

This is the second university student party that has had to be broken up by Wollongong police since November. The last event in Murphys Avenue in Keiraville attracted more than 800 people and 16 police vehicles were called in to control the scene.

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Photo courtesy of Franz Mahr, flickr.

Words: Aideen Weingarth