More Australians are choosing to swap from general to organic products, according to experts in the field.

Australian organic dairy farmer and founder of five:am organis yoghurt David Prior said people need to be informed about organic food and processes.

“Organics is a rapidly emerging market. We’ve found that it is crucial to educate people about why eating organic is important,” he said.

“Also make sure you are able to ensure year-round supply if you are going for mainstream distribution.”

The Australian Organic Market has reported a 15.4 per cent annual compound growth, organic eating is becoming increasingly popular.

With 92 per cent of purchases of organic items happen at big supermarket chains, and they are considered the driving force of organic popularity and consumerism.

Supermarkets such as Woolworths, Coles and Aldi have their own brand, providing competitive pricing and making organic foods more accessible to Australians.

One per cent of Woolworths products are from the Macro brand, which is catching up to Homebrand (1.6%) and Woolworth’s Select (3.6%). The remaining 93.8 per cent belongs to external brands Woolworths stock.

Australia has started importing product to meet popular demand. Prepared foods, beef, fruit and vegetables, honey and grains are some of the products.

Along with health benefits, customers are making the conscious decision to change their up their lifestyles to save the environment.

“Because organic meats are sourced naturally, locally and are free range, there is less need for the huge farming industries to overpopulate their farms. You lessen your carbon footprint,” organic enthusiast Markie Aniban said.