An increasing number of Australians will need to work two jobs and work more hours to keep up with rising living costs, according to Finder.

Policy director at the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work Greg Jericho said that people working more than a single job increased after the lockdown ended. 

“We’re seeing record numbers of people working two jobs,” he said. “And we expect this to keep rising while wages fail to keep up with inflation.”

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statics, released on May 18, shows that the unemployment rate is currently sitting at 3.7 per cent

The number of unemployed people in Australia increased by 18,000, making that rate rise again.

The rate of unemployment is at a low point but inflation continues to rise, currently sitting at 7 per cent, which makes everyday Aussies having to reconsider their employment goals in order to stay afloat.

In the December quarter of 2021, it was estimated that 867,000 people were working multiple jobs to afford the bare necessities. 

Monash University Department of Management and Monash Data Futures Institute professor and co-editor of International & Comparative Employment Relations, Greg Bamber told The News Daily that he believes if a person was to try and take on another job they should speak with their employer first. As it could help them decrease the stress of having multiple jobs. 

“To avoid conflicts of interest or other problems when working multiple jobs ask your employer for their permission and approval before taking on another job,” he said, . “Manage your time and energy effectively, so that you can perform well in all your jobs and avoid stress or burnout.”