As is tradition, the more witty among us come out every April to start the month out with a giggle.

People, companies and even stone-faced politicians joined in on the humorous day with laughable announcements, ridiculous set ups and classic gags. Some of the highlights of yesterday’s tomfoolery includes Bill Shorten announcing through a post on Facebook his “onion a day” health campaign, the Australian Science Media Centre releasing a study stating that climate change will unleash fire-breathing dragons on the world and Microsoft revealing Office 2016 for cats.


 Other gag announcements came, my personal favourite being the joint announcement from The Shooters and Fishers and Australian Sex Party:  

Other competitors for the crown of best prank of the day include:

  • Professor Dave Swain’s udderly ridiculous Wifi cattle, featuring ear cooling techology.
  • Google Maps featuring Pac-Man, which you can play through the streets
  • The announcement of the giant Vegemite jar.
  • Reddit, the front page of the internet, creating The Button, causing a panic in the website.
  • A sink hole opened outside the Channel Nine Headquarters, supposedly swallowing entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins’ car.
  • CERN discovering “The Force” of Star Wars fame, a diminutive green spokesman saying: “Very impressive, this result is.”
  • Samsung announcing the Galaxy Blade, the world’s first kitchen knife with smart phone capabilities.
  • The most ridiculous though was from The Northern Territory News’ twitter feed, where they announced that they would only be reporting serious news from now on.