Food allergies and intolerances have a tendency to take the fun out of most events, but this year Easter doesn’t have to be one of them.

Allergy sufferers steering clear of lactose, sugar, gluten and nuts, or any fun combination of allergens, no longer have to endure non-edible Easter gifts. Major supermarket chains, like Woolworths and Coles, have become increasingly flexible in catering for common food intolerances – the Easter Bunny just needs to know where to look.

While pyjamas and novelty tea-cups are great, they are no replacement for chocolate, so we’ve scrambled up some information on the most fulfilling allergy-friendly Easter eggs and treats available this year.

For Coeliacs and the gluten intolerant: Maintaining a strictly gluten-free diet is a lifestyle that focuses on what not to eat, chocolate making a regular appearance. This year, Coeliac Australia encourages people, with their comprehensive list of the GF Easter eggs available in major retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Myer, David Jones and Aldi.

For many, the most exciting listing is the 21 gluten free Cadbury Easter products available in 2015, including Marvelous Creations and Milk Chocolate foil bunnies. Early in 2013, Coeliacs Australia-wide were devastated by Cadbury’s updated packaging labels, which included updated nutritional information that stated ‘gluten’ as an allergen from cross-contamination between production processes. This means all Cadbury products are off limits to Coeliacs … until Easter.

Consult with the Coeliac Australia’s full list of Gluten Free Easter Eggs here.

Vegan, lactose and Dairy Free: Moo Free specialises in dairy free chocolate, but covers all bases while they’re at it. This range comes in bar and Easter egg form and is acceptable for vegans and all major specialty food requirements as they are vegan and gluten, dairy, nut and sugar free. Moo Free Easter eggs are available now at Coles in Orange, Bunnycomb and original flavours.

For Healthier Options: ABC Health and Wellbeing released a ‘sweat index’ for the season’s most popular treats, shedding light on how Easter favourites translate in an exercise sense. To recover from devouring two hot cross buns (144 grams), the ABC claims you’ll need to sweat it out in a 40 – 50 minute run, while a medium size chocolate bunny (200 grams) can be worked off in a cool 2.5 – 3.5 hour kayaking session.

Not so keen on all of that egg-stra egg-sercise?

Try opting for dark chocolate, low-sugar or raw options,  or Pana Chocolate’s organic and raw varieties.

For more nutritional information on all of your favourites, visit the ABC Health and Wellbeing Sweat Index’.

If all else fails, do it yourself: With Easter fast approaching, health blogs and websites are teeming with eggseptional DIY options that cater for every food-related ailment. DIY is a great way to ensure your treats are safely prepared and free of any allergy-inducing nastiness. Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ blog has the recipe to homemade, sugar-free chocolate eggs and offers a range of delicious treats in their Easter Recipes collection- just interchange ingredients to suit your dietary needs and preferences.