The School of Law at the University of Wollongong (UOW) has announced the appointment of a new Dean of Law, Dr Dilan Thampapillai, who will will take over from the current acting dean, Dr Niamh Kinchin, in September.

Dr Thampapillai brings with him to the role a wealth of experience and a dedication to legal education, with a particular interest in contract law, copyright law, and.

Dr Niamh Kinchin has been with the law school since 2009, starting as a sessional academic before securing a faculty position, prior to her appointment as acting dean.

“I’ve increasingly become involved in teaching, research and governance. I took on the role of Discipline Leader and Academic Program Director during Covid, and when Professor Trish Mundy stepped away from the law school to take up the role of Chief Integrity Officer, it just made sense that I would step in,” Dr Kinchin said.

“I hadn’t expected it to last a whole year, but it has been such a fantastic learning experience. I have learnt so much, especially how amazing my law colleagues are.”

Dr Kinchin also said she was looking forward to seeing how Dr Thampapillai takes the opportunity to build upon the law school’s excellent reputation for student experience and to see how our curriculum can grow even stronger under his leadership.

Dr Thampapillai grew up in Wollongong. He is, “a Wollongong boy at heart,” Dr Kinchin said.

Dr Dilan Thampapillai, Dean of Law at UOW. Commencing in September 2023


Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law Professor Colin Picker also welcomed Dr Thampapillai as the new Dean and Head of School at the School of Law.

“Dr Thampapillai’s appointment represents a significant milestone for the University and reinforces our commitment to academic excellence, community engagement, and making global impact,” Professor Picker said.

UOW law student Sophie Wright said that the student body is excited about the change, but also sad to see Dr Kinchin leave the role.

“Dr Kinchin was a girlboss, I’m sure Dr Thampapillai will fill those shoes well,” Wright said.