Aboriginal Literacy Day is an important date founded by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) that is celebrated by both Indigenous people and their allies. It is a powerful reminder of the significance of encouraging reading among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


The ILF is committed to promoting the narratives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and storytellers. As part of this support, communities are assisted in producing publications that are specifically suited to their requirements, whether they are intended for domestic or worldwide readers.

Early Start at the University of Wollongong is crucial in fostering children’s growth from birth to age 10. Since literacy has such a significant influence on a child’s development, Early Start actively participates in Aboriginal Literacy Day to support literacy programmes.


The Illawarra Aboriginal Corporation can interact with the larger community and people from all backgrounds can converse on the value of literacy because it encourages meaningful interactions and fortifies bonds.


UOW provides support by promoting and hosting local and remote preschools.


The Early Start programme encourages university students to buy books at affordable prices and donate them to these schools all around New South Wales.


They are helping three preschools this year in Lightning Ridge, Canamble, and Walgett.


At the Wollomba Preschool in Lightning Ridge, Early Start is also actively involved in fostering local language and literacy. 


The Sway programme, a language and literacy effort that teaches educators how to incorporate local language into their regular teaching practises, is being implemented by the preschool’s staff with their assistance.


The impact of Aboriginal Literacy Day on Indigenous communities has been found enormously beneficial. It has acted as a stimulus for numerous literacy efforts that reduce cultural divides and strengthen ties within communities. The occasion serves as a reminder of the value of promoting Indigenous literacy, maintaining regional tongues, and enabling storytellers to share their voices with the world.


This yearly event continues to expand and is a wonderful example of Indigenous people’s continuous dedication to literacy and cultural preservation. Driving momentum to the enduring value of narrative and language, enhancing the lives of those who take part and ensuring a better future for future generations.