Australia’s favourite human being at the moment, Joe Hockey has decided to charge $7 for a doctor’s visit. We here at UOWTV think $7 goes a long way. In fact, here are seven things you can get for $7.

Count those pennies kids, you’re gonna need them!


1. 10 packets of Mi Goreng


We university students are fuelled on the cheap goodness that is Mi Goreng. For $7, you can add 10 packets of those nom nom nommy noodles* to your shopping basket.

*I’d like to apologise for the term “nom nom nommy”. It’s very 2010 of me.

2. Two coffees 


Speaking of fuelling university students, for that $7 you can head down to Rush and get your triple shot, half decaf, half coffee with an equal with bon soy milk.


3. Tuesday night tacos and tequila at Amigos. 


Instead of going to your doctor for $7, go to Amigos on a Tuesday night and get yourself a taco and a shot of tequila. (Although, if you go by the old adage “1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor”, you might need a doctor)


4. A couple of hours in UOW carparks. 










For $6.60, you can park in a number of UOW’s carparks for 4-6 hrs*. That’s if you can find a car park in the first place.

*This doesn’t include the dreaded multi-storey P1.


5. Gifts from dollar shops. 

Because who wouldn't want 3D glasses, a box of tissues and whatever that other thing is.











Picture this, it’s your friends/mothers/fathers/partners/siblings birthday and you’ve forgotten to get you a present. You currently have $7 on you and that’s really all you can afford to spend. Never fear! Head down to any of the dollar shops in town and get a whole bunch of goodies. Once, my friends bought me some weird Japanese mayonnaise and a CD known as “Best of Latin Hit Machine”. So thoughtful.

6. A train ticket to Sydney. 


If you’re a student, it will be cheaper to travel to Sydney (one-way) then go to the doctor.


7. A kilo of apples. 











An apple a day keeps the doctor away right?