Australian journalist Peter Greste and his two Al Jazeera colleagues Mohaned Fahmy and Baher Mohamed were denied bail again last week, after their sixth appearance in court. Four months since their arrest, they are still being detained for alleged links to a “terrorist organisation” and spreading false news.  Ahead of World Press Freedom Day (May 3), we look at press freedom violations around the globe.

1. 211 journalists were jailed worldwide in 2013

2. Turkey, Iran, and China accounted for more than half of all journalists imprisoned around the world in 2013

3. 232 journalists were behind bars in 2012

4. 14 Journalists have been killed this year.

5. 70 were killed in 2013.

6. A total of 1054 journalists have been killed since 1992.

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7. Iraq is the deadliest country for journalists with 164 killed there since 1992.