Jake Latham became involved in some in depth research, to find the key elements that would make any old student into a UOW hipster.

  1. Drink coffee at only one coffee shop on campus and claim you know all about the beans they use. You will get street cred straight away and the barista may remember your obscure order from last week.
  2. Ride a skateboard, a fixed gear bike or a unicycle on campus and make sure you disregard any safety of other path users. They are all the rage at the moment and people will remember you as the lawless hooligan you really are!
  3. You must be utterly obsessed with your hair, if it’s tall quiff that blows in the wind, or a tight greasy slickback, it must be cared for 24/7. But don’t let anyone touch ‘The Do’.
  4. Don’t wear shoes, no matter the weather conditions or the terrain you’ll be walking on. Don’t be a corporate sheep and follow the crowd with shoe fads, your immune system will be so strong after the first few tetanus infections.
  5. Satchels and shoulder bags are much more accessible whilst your walking through a crowd of people. If it’s knocking people off their feet as they bump into it, you’re doing it right. Even if it means stuffing your bag full of giant cardigans on a steamy summer day.
  6. Use an iPad, they are lighter and more cool then a traditional laptop or note pad, facebook and twitter are easily updated in this format.