1. #1LetterWrongMovie

You won’t believe how simplistically hilarious this hashtag is. You’ll wish these movies existed more than the originals.

Snapes on a plane

2. #hedgehog

Don’t let the unassuming hashtag fool you, #hedgehog will introduce you to Marutaro. Marutaro is from Japan, he’s a hedgehog and his owner has been posting photos of him with little cut-out faces on twitter. Get ready for a cute overload.


3. #crapsuperpowers

You could secretly have a super power, but it might not be that impressive. What’s your crap super power?


4. #WRBS/#wouldratherbesleeping

Perfect for the anti #YOLO enthusiast or passionate couch potato. Who wouldn’t rather be sleeping?

Picture 8 Picture 9

5. #activistpickuplines

You’ve been flirting horribly lately. Between the ‘umms’, sideways glances and awkwardly forced laughter you might need some help. Maybe #activistpickuplines is for you? Get active to ‘get active’.

Picture 6 Picture 7