I love going out to dinner. There are so many choices, the food smells great and if you’re on a date or at a business lunch sometimes you don’t even have to pay for it. But the fun stops at the menu – how are you supposed to choose between those two perfect meals?

Maybe you don’t have to choose.

Is there really anything wrong with a chocolate-coated schnitzel. Probably, but sometimes two opposing foods can work together, like these four odd combos:

Courtesy of I Must Know You Blog http://imustknowyou.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/pickles-and-ice-cream.html

Courtesy of I Must Know You Blog

1.    Pickles and Ice-cream

As  a kid I always wanted to skip my veggies and go straight to dessert, with pickles and ice-cream you can do both! The saltiness of the pickles and the sweetness of almost any ice-cream can balance each other perfectly and not to mention there is a great crunchy-smooth combination.

Courtesy of fitonthefly.net http://imustknowyou.blogspot.com.au/2011/01/pickles-and-ice-cream.html

Courtesy of fitonthefly.net

2.    Peanut Butter and Chocolate

I’ll never know the joys that this can bring as I’m allergic, however this combo which is most famous with Reese’s peanut butter cups can offer a  combination of smooth and crunchy and salty and sweet. You can either buy the famous chocolate bars or dip your Mars Bar into a jar of Krafts’ smooth or crunchy.

Courtesy of chef-in-training.com

Courtesy of chef-in-training.com

3.    Dessert Pizza

Picture deep pan dough, cheese, meat and lots of sauce. That’s usually what comes to mind with pizza, however dessert pizzas are also what comes to mind for some people. Mixed berries, strawberries and chocolates, cinnamon and apples, even a little bit of ice-cream or brownie fruit pizzas can be just as much of a hit at parties as meaty and cheesy pizzas and can be easily made at home.

Courtesy of gourmetgirl-friend.blogspot.com

Courtesy of gourmetgirl-friend.blogspot.com

4.    Wedges, sour cream and sweet chilli

Popular with uni students wedges, sweet chilli and sour cream are a convenient and delicious snack to satisfy many cravings. You can claim a vegie intake with the potato wedges and get a sweet-an-sour combination simultaneously with the sour cream and sweet chilli together.

Of course these flavour combinations aren’t necessarily for everyone, maybe you know something better? share your favourite out of the ordinary food combos below.