1. Week 12 rolls round and you finally realise how much work you actually have to do
giphy (3)

2. You look at your exam timetable and you remember how much it sucks


3. You start looking at your previous marks to figure out just how many marks you need to pass

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4. You’re guaranteed to have at least one meltdown

giphy (6)

5. Your teachers won’t let you forget how important this exam is

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6. When your parents ask how your studying is going

giphy (8)

7. When your friends have finished all of their subjects and you haven’t

giphy (10)

8. When you start taking your stress levels out on innocent people

giphy (11)

9. And your family begins to avoid you and your tantrums


10. When you crash diet and eat everything in sight

giphy (12)

11. When you begin seriously consider leaving the country

giphy (14)

12. You start to consider the pros of becoming a checkout chick


13. Cramming the night before

giphy (15)

14. Your brain reaches capacity


15. You give in to the fact that there is nothing more you can do

giphy (23)

16. The morning of your exam

giphy (2)

17. Trying to find a car park before your exam stresses you out even more

giphy (4)

18. Getting frisked for cheat notes before going into the exam


19. Feeling the eyes of the exam monitors on you

giphy (19)

20. When the essay question is the same as your practice essay

giphy (21)

21. Walking out of the exam room like


22. And you go straight for the liquor cabinet