Students at the University of Wollongong have crafted a groundbreaking app ‘Secure Assist’ that is redefining drug sample management. Inspired by the pharmaceutical industry’s need for accountability and transparency, the app is a user-friendly platform that tracks the journey of drug samples from sender to recipient.

The creation of Secure Assist was not without hurdles; countless hours of coding, research, and refining were poured into the project. Yet the group overcame challenges with unwavering determination, fuelled by the prospect of making a tangible impact.

The emergence of Secure Assist exemplifies the power of technology to address crucial issues in the healthcare industry and showcases the impact of young innovators in shaping a safer and more efficient future.

The group’s journey illustrates the transformative potential of passion and perseverance, reminding us that even the most audacious dreams can be realised through innovation and dedication.

Listen below to what one of the app developers has to say about their journey.