UFC star Conor McGregor has shocked the MMA world today by sending out a tweet stating he wanted to retire young. The tweet has caused massive discussion on Twitter, as McGregor is known for making statements to spark controversy.

McGregor was scheduled to fight the main event UFC 200 on July 9 – a rematch with Nate Diaz.

McGregor’s head trainer John Kavanaugh also sent out a cryptic tweet, alluding to the fighter’s retirement.

McGregor, 27, would retire with a UFC record of 7-1 after 3 years in the sport.

Reaction on Twitter has been mixed.


UFC President Dana White has announced on SportsCenter that McGregor has been pulled from the main event of UFC 200, where he was scheduled to fight Diaz. White said McGregor was removed due to his unwillingness to fly to Las Vegas from his training base in Iceland to participate in mandatory promotional activities.

UFC fans have taken to Twitter to give their own options of this new development.


McGregor’s head trainer John Kavanaugh sent out another tweet, a clip of the chorus of the rapper Eminem song Without Me. This is perhaps in response to White’s comments, as the hook contains the lyric: “It feels so empty without me”.

The reactions to this have varied from people tweeting support for McGregor as the face of the UFC and others saying no one is bigger than the sport.