A recent report from Mission Australia revealed an increase in people seeking support services for homelessness.

Wollongong Homeless Hub and Housing Services CEO Mandy Booker said there are policy changes that need to be made before this crisis will improve.

“We need some changes within the Rental Tenancy Act so that we don’t have no-fault evictions and so that we can have a cap on increases in rent.,” Ms Brooker said.

“The State and Federal governments need to come to the party and really prioritise housing as a right for everybody in our community and safe housing.”

Wollongong Homeless Hub and Housing Services provides a number of services and programs including meals, outreach, early intervention and management of crisis and transitional accommodation.

The Red Cross’ Roadhouse, Canberra, shift leader Danielle Sweetman said in her time she’s noticed volunteer numbers drop drastically.

“People just don’t have time…workloads have increased like crazy and also during COVID-19 our older volunteers became cautious about going out into the community… so it’s been a knock on effect from that.”