The University of Wollongong Unibar has held its  annual ‘Superhero and Villains’ party.

Students and friends descended on the popular venue dressed as their favourite superhero or villain on Thursday night.

It’s a great way to kick off the mid-session recess,event organiser Kayla Berry said.

“It was a decent turnout. Perhaps not as many turned up as last year, but those that did were really enthusiastic, and it seemed everyone had a great night.”

Unibar manager Nathan Stratton said the event had become a staple on the university calendar.

“The superhero and villains party has become sort of an institution,” he said.

“Everyone comes here to have a bit of fun. There’s a great vibe about the night.”

Although there was an abundance of Batmen and Superwomen, many other heroes and villains made the event their own.

Josh Hammond arrived in a home-made Ironman costume – complete with lights, while other well-known superheroes, including Spiderman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Thor, The Human Torch and Robin, put in an appearance.

There were also lesser known superheroes, some costumes seemingly created on the day – yes, were looking at you Auskick Man, Vegeta, and Duckface.

Luke Skywalker dropped in, and when Darth Vader arrived a little later, you could actually feel a subtle shift in The Force. This was balanced, somewhat, when Jesus Christ graced the crowd with his holy presence, but things went awry again when Death, complete with scythe, entered the fray.

The tension in the bar was palpable as old rivalries, put aside for most of the night, raised their heads. However, the night was saved by the appearance of Duffman, who was more than willing to share his ‘wonderful Duff’ for the cause.

The heroes and villains truce continued onto the dance floor, with live music by Sheer Khan, and DJs – The Blockrockers.