The monthly showcase of slam poetry in Wollongong is helping more people notice the growth of alternative art, according to coordinators.

Wollongong City Mall is the home to a new six-month showcase of slam poetry. The first night of this new breed of talent began on the 6 May. The competition is run by South Coast Writers Centre and the Wollongong City Council and is called ‘Sing It, Say It.’

The open mic event has given poets and speakers the opportunity to showcase their works of art, and to grow their talent by learning and developing with other writers.

“This has given this form of art and the people involved a voice, because by bringing it to the streets, it entices people that wouldn’t normally come to a slam poetry show,” Sing It Say It MC and performer Lorin Elizabeth said.

“Not only are we growing our skills and talent but we are also growing the public interest in slam poetry by taking it to them, rather than them coming to us.”


The showcase includes featured artists and provides people in the community the opportunity to try slam poetry or to show their skills for the first time due to the open mic heat sessions.

“It was just great to watch, I had never seen slam poetry before but now that I see the passion in these performers, I would call myself a fan,” a new supporter of slam poetry, Julie McGarry said.

“I commend the council for continuing to help display diversity not only in culture but also in art throughout Wollongong.”

With the already strong artistic culture of Wollongong within theatre and music, slam poetry helps to shape and grow that great characteristic of the city into the future. The community of Wollongong has shown great support behind this competition, with the social media accounts of the showcase’s organisers growing daily.

The showcase continues once a month until 7 October. Wollongong City Mall will be home to each month’s performances, with each event scheduled to start 6pm.