Whether you’re an athlete, fitness fanatic or first-timer, there is one thing that we will all gain from COVID-19 – strength.

If not physical strength from hauling Kmart gym gear, then mental strength as people exercise their brain’s frontal cortex – the hub of creativity – in an attempt to keep fit without gym equipment.

The Federal Government’s announcement to close gyms has forced a routine change for gym-goers with many warehouse shelves stripped bare. For some, it changes the fitness playing field, for others its adrenaline-inducing workout within their own backyard.

Here are 7 creative (and possibly risky) ways to keep active in isolation that doesn’t involve running laps around your kitchen table.


1. The floor treadmill
Experience the brilliance at your own risk. For an added bonus, the longer you workout the cleaner the floor patch will get!

2. Wine bottle weights
Did you know a bottle of wine can help you lose unwanted fat? That’s if you don’t drink it of course. On second thought… I wonder if swirling it around will make that $5 Aldi red, taste like a $20 Liquorland red 👌.


3. Barbell squats
Some people aren’t skipping arms and are feeling the burn of gas cylinders and an iron rod.

4. Couch lifting
This may or may not do more harm (to the couch) than good!

5. Juggling
You may have missed the ball, but scored yourself some toilet paper!

6. Skateboard circuit
So this is how you skate and upskill during the non-essential travel ban…

Last but not least…

7. Personal training sesh with members of the same household
When you find a new, less experienced workout buddy and the student quickly becomes the teacher 😂