Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced today that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament referendum date is to be October 14.

Australians will have their chance to have a say about whether the Constitution should be altered to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices.

The proposed change would include an independent and permanent advisory body comprised of solely Indigenous members. The body would be consulted on matters affecting the Indigenous people of Australia and will advise the Australian Parliament and Government on how to proceed with matters.

The question will be put to vote on Saturday, October 14th and requires Australian voters to write in either Yes or No in response.

Albanese states that voting no “closes the door” for the opportunity to move forward.

“Don’t close the door on an idea that came from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people themselves, and don’t close the door on the next generation of Indigenous Australians. Vote Yes,” he says.

“Vote yes for recognition, vote yes for listening, vote yes for better results. Vote yes is a change for the better that all of us can make together. We all get one vote. And we all get an equal say.”