Saturday August 20, 2016, marked the August edition of the UOW Intrepid Landcare Club’s environmental meeting. Eager volunteers planted native plants and grasses in Nyrang Park as just one project aiming to resolve and cultivate Wollongong’s environmental landscape.

The club, created in 2015 through the University of Wollongong, offers the opportunity for volunteers to assist in land restoration projects, sustainability education, tree planting and weed removal- in order to rebuild and care for the Illawarrra’s local ecology. Working in partnership with beach care groups and Illawarra Intrepid Landcare, the club seeks to engage the community in order to minimise human impact and give back to the land.

To get involved with local landcare and help make a difference in the community, the UOW Intrepid Landcare Club can be contacted through The University of Wollongong website or via the club’s Facebook page.