The Kiama Leisure Centre is planning to re-open with a two-phased approach due to Covid-19 restrictions easing.

Non-contact and social distancing activities will take place during the first phase of re-opening and from July 1 the second phase will allow contact activities, such as the learn to swim program and gymnastics to reopen.

Kiama has had no cases of Covid-19 in the past two months, with the latest case being reported back on the April 4.

Kiama Leisure Centre Employee, Jessica Steel has been collaborating with her co-workers, attending regular meetings and planning safety protocols to ensure a safe environment.

“It’s really important for people to know we aren’t just jumping straight into how things were pre-covid, we are really aiming to minimise the amount of people who can be in the centre to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” she said.

“As soon as the Leisure Centre closed down all of the memberships were cut off and as soon as we open tomorrow people have the option to renew their membership.”

Video: Interview with Kiama Leisure Centre Employee Jess Steel

Kiama Leisure Centre member, Joel Dowling is excited to be able to get back into a healthy routine at the gym.

“I was informed of my membership being put on hold when the Leisure Centre first closed, they have been very organised and informative during this pandemic and this two-phase approach is just the latest example,” he said.

“I understand what they were thinking with the booking requirement and I think it’s a great idea, hopefully I can still manage to book a spot on busy days.”

The Leisure Centre will be implementing a cap on the number of people who are allowed to use the facilities. The gym will have a max of 25 people, the aerobics room 10, the spa will not be operating but the sauna will have a one person maximum and the pool will have one person per lane.

To use the facilities visitors will have to call and book. They also have to provide their contact information on entry to ensure any outbreaks can be caught early. The use of the CovidSafe App is also recommended.

Hand sanitiser will be provided.