A new program has just been launched in Australian hospitals focussing on providing health knowledge and entertainment for hospital patients.

The program called HealthilyTV is a set of channels created by founder of Healthily, Tina Campbell in partner with Hills Health Solutions.

Dr Tina Campbell, who has worked in collaboration with top health organisations for many years has been creating a digital library of patient and carer experiences called ‘Speaking from experience’.

The nationally launched program will offer patients three channels full of entertainment and educational information for their own health with experience stories on offer such as those in ‘Speaking from experience’.

A generic channel is on offer with general health information, channels specific to wards and a paid movie channel.

The segments include real stories, managing persistent pain, healthy living and aging for patients to identify with and to help provide information that will aid patients in managing some of their own health abilities and ailments.

First Choice Mechanics’ owner, Andrew Humphries who was a patient in hospital for breaking his left femur says it’s a 50/50 chance whether patients will enjoy the program offered depending on their age demographic.