Election Day Live

11:00pm: Liberal leader Scott Morrison steps down as leader

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called Anthony Albanese to concede the election.

“Tonight, I have spoken to the Leader of the Opposition and the incoming Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese. And I’ve congratulated him on his election victory this evening,” Mr Morrison said. 

The new opposition leader is ‘likely’ to be Peter Dutton if Josh Frydenburg looses his seat. 

Source: The West

10:30pm: Constance to ‘pull out the armchair’ and wait for close result

Liberal candidate for Gilmore, Andrew Constance, has told supporters results are too close to call. 

The seat is currently held by ALP candidate Fiona Philips on a margin of 2.6 per cent. 

Projections by the ABC suggest the Liberal Party may take the seat of Gilmore. 

Mr Constance remains at the Liberal after-party.

Source: Illawarra Mercury

9:04pm: ABC predicts Coalition will be unable to form a majority government

ABC election analyst Antony Green says he cannot see the Coalition forming a majority government on current numbers.

The ALP is currently leading the election with 66 leading seats, with the LNP behind with 46 leading seats.  

7:39pm: ALP retain seats in Cunningham and Whitlam

ALP candidate Alison Byrnes retains seat in Cunningham currently by 67.2%.

ALP candidate Stephen Jones retains seat in Whitlam currently by 60.6%.

Alison Byrnes

Stephen Jones

6:00pm: Voting has closed in east coast states

Voting has closed in all east coast states and vote counting has begun. 

The Australian Electoral Commission have announced in a press release that Australia may not see a result tonight.

Whilst all polling station votes that were cast today will be counted, over 2.7 million votes will not be counted until tomorrow.

“If the result is close, we may not know who forms Government tonight,” the AEC said. 

Vote counting will cease at midnight tonight and will return tomorrow morning. 

The live count can be followed at the AEC Tallyroom.

Courtesy of ABC News.

3:40pm: “We’re exercising our constitutional right to vote without pants on”

Voters have braved the cold, taking to the polling booths wearing Budgy Smugglers as part of the #SmugglersDecide giveaway.

Budgy Smuggler announced on their Instagram on Wednesday that anyone who votes in their Smugglers or Smugglettes and posts a photo of themselves at the polling booths to their socials with the hashtag #SmugglersDecide will be eligible for a $65 credit.

“The election is coming in hot and while we don’t mind who you vote for, we do want you to exercise your constitutional right to vote without pants on,” Budgy Smugglers posted to their Instagram account.

Voters Jackson and Lachlan did exactly that, wearing their Budgy Smugglers to the vote in the Cunningham electorate. 


Voters Jackson and Lachlan take to the polls in Budgy Smugglers. 

1:40pm: Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese completes final campaign press conference

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has completed his last campaign press conference in the electorate of Grayndler. 

“I’ve loved [the campaign]. This is an incredible privilege and an honour to lead The Australian Labor Party,” Mr Albanese said.

“The Australian Labor Party is a party that I love and a party that I have committed my life to.

“I know I have done my best. I know I have left nothing on the field. I know that I lead a team that will give Australia a government in which Australia will be proud.

“I want to change politics. I want to change the way it operates. I want parliament to function properly. I want our democracy to function properly. That’s why I’m in this, not to change where I live, I’m in it to change the country and that’s what I intend to do.” 


Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese completes press conference in electorate of Grayndler. Courtesy of The Guardian Australia.

1:30pm: Prime Minister Scott Morrison completes last press conference of campaign

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed his electorate of Cook during the final press conference of his six-week campaign.

“Today Australians are making a big choice about their future. They’re making a choice about who they believe is best able to manage the economy, who is best able to manage finances, who is best able to secure that strong economy that’s so critical for a stronger future,” Mr Morrison said.

“This election has never been about me or my feelings, it has always been about the Australian people. That is what our government is all about and will continue to be all about.

“I’m the first Prime Minister in a long time that’s been able to go through a term and face the people on a second time and I’m seeking that support because I know this country is facing strong and difficult and challenging times and Australia needs someone who knows how to manage money, knows how to deal with national security interests, knows how to move forward and secure that strong economy because a strong economy means a stronger future.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison completes press conference in electorate of Cook. Courtesy of The Guardian Australia.

12:44pm: Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is voting in Marrickville

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is voting in Marrickville this morning, in his seat of Grayndler, joined by his girlfriend.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese voting in Marrickville. Courtesy of ABC News.

12:36pm: Prime Minister Morrison is voting at Lilli Pilli Public School

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been spotted at Lilli Pilli Public School with his wife and two daughters by his side as he places his vote. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison voting at Lilli Pilli Public School. Courtesy of Paul Karp on Twitter.

10:30am: Prime Minister Morrison heckled by UAP and Greens supporters

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has reportedly been heckled by United Australia Party (UAP) and Greens supporters whilst handing out how-to-vote flyers in McEwen this morning. 

A UAP supporter was heard yelling conspiracy theories about the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“Keep our bodies away from the WHO,” the UAP supporter yelled.

“That’s a complete lie,” the Prime Minster replied.

“You’re just making up stuff.”

A Greens supporter was also heard making comments about bushfire survivors still being without homes despite it being two years since the tragic events.

Scott Morrison handing out flyers in McEwen. Courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald.

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Polling booths are open and Australians are casting their votes for their next federal government.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese have made their final pitches and will vote in their home electorates this morning.

Latest polls continue to point to a close Labor victory but, as the 2019 poll proved, polls can be wrong.

10:30pm: Constance to ‘pull out the armchair’ and wait for close result