With the 2019 federal election only a few weeks away, candidates are answering questions around the key issues that voters face in their electorates. While the current member for Cunningham Sharon Bird looks like she will be re-elected, Liberal candidate Michelle Blicavs and Greens candidate Rowan Huxtable will mount a challenge.

Issue 1 – Environment

An issue that is being discussed leading up to the election is how to manage the effects of human induced global warming. One area that is being looked at is the impact that coal mining has on the environment. This is significant as the mining industry has a strong presence within the seat of Cunningham with the Illawarra being home to two mines.

Issue 2 – Infrastructure

Road safety and infrastructure is another issue that is being discussed within the seat of Cunningham. Residents in the Illawarra are likely to welcome funding allocations in order to improve the Princess Highway. Additionally, improving roads will address the current issue of vehicle congestion on popular roads, and as a result, cater for traffic growth in the Illawarra.

Issue 3 – Education

The issue of education is being heavily discussed in the seat of Cunningham after the government submitted their budget last week. The government says it will provide a boost in funding for education of all levels.