Music echoes from the community hall in the village of Wongawilli. It’s the Wongawilli Colonial Dance Club and it’s holding a dance night to celebrate Festa della Repubblica  the day Italy became a Republic. While the official holiday is June 2, the patrons of the club couldn’t wait.

A live acoustic band provides the music, with accordion, violin, guitar, piano, whistle and percussion. The club aims to “socially enjoy music, song and dance from whatever culture.”

Honorary Secretary David De Santi said folk dance is a great way to bring communities together.

“Once you get over the phobia of thinking it’s not so cool it’s actually fun and a lot of people [at folk festivals] like doing something different and it breaks the monotony of life, which is a good thing,” he said.

Apart from celebrating cultural events across the year, the dance club also holds bush/folk dances every Wednesday night from 8pm.

Republic Day