As a surfer I collect a lot of my surfing news from the famous Australian surf magazine, commonly called the surfers bible, “Tracks.”. Which was bought from a company called “Next media ” by a group of surfers Peter Strain, David Mulham, Greg Cooper, Damian Martin and Luke Kennedy. The latter notably has been the editor since 2008, while others such as Damian Martin have been a part of the magazine for over two decades. This change in ownership is what seemingly is best for the surf industry, independent ownership is far more important for the industry and culture of surfing, these owners are veterans of not only surf culture but surfing itself, they have the right ideas on how to push it forward and are able to understand what surfing and tracks itself can mean for so many people. This far surpasses a larger company that may not have the experience nor the understanding of surf culture, meaning they are unqualified to steer the magazine in the direction it should go in this new age, magazines such as tracks should be people first, not profit, the importance should be on telling a story rather than creating revenue. 

Co – founder John Witzig spoke on this “I’m absolutely thrilled that surfers have taken it over again,” Witzig says. “It strikes me as completing the circle.” tracks has always been about style, humour and good storytelling, mixed with that quintessential laid back charm that comes from surfers, in the hands of surfers, this magazine will be able to prosper and focus on what truly matters for the industry and for the people. Because of this recent management change this source is particularly credible. A more authentic approach to a surf magazine with the type of business leaders that understand the industry and the people apart of it will and have been able to direct the magazine in the best way possible, only showcasing thorough and insightful articles, features and film with experienced and credible talents and journalists, making it the utmost of reliable source for surf news and stories. These new owners have the correct connections and extensive background meaning they can easily filter and use the correct surf media for their outlet. Though surfing is not exactly as influential as a larger and broader newsite, the importance of trusting a surf news source comes from its authenticity, style and integrity, that it will display the values that are most important or relateable to a surfer or someone who enjoys consumption of the sport in any regard. Therefore the leadership from veterans of the company and the sport itself prove their reliability and trustworthiness, as well as securing a consistent future for the company itself and guaranteeing quality in their work. 

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