The Sutherland Shire band Beat ‘em up Gently has been chosen to support four live shows following its second place win in the Mosh Pit Bars band competition in March.

The band, hailing from Miranda, has since performed supported Polymics, with their upcoming schedule including supporting Sundryver, Reddshift and Woodhill in May and June. The upcoming dates signal the bands most active period so far.

Beat ’em up Gently’s drummer, Daniel Chung, believes the Mosh Pit Bar competition to be directly responsible for their exposure and recent success.

“That kind of got the ball rolling for us,” Mr Chung said. “We’ve got heaps of gigs scheduled.”

The Mosh Pit Bar, based in Newtown, provides opportunities for smaller bands and artists, hosting gigs almost nightly, with the emphasis of providing a local sound to their dive atmosphere and decor.

With the recent uptake of shows the bands original music has continued to gather exposure, however, it remains that Beat ’em up Gently have only one recorded and published single in ‘Noah Purple’.

The band’s bassist, Nathan Grace, said the group plans to record and publish more of their original work, but have not yet decided what form their music will take.

“It’s such a hard thing to structure,” Mr Grace said.

“Do we want to do an album or release more singles?

“You want the whole album to be recorded at the same.”

Beat ’em up Gently are scheduled to appear at Kellys on King in Newtown to join Sundryver in supporting Reddshift on May 27.

Image: Beat ’em up Gently Credit: Erin Campbell