Cask wine or, as it’s more affectionately known, the ‘goon sack’ has become a ubiquitous part of Australian drinking culture. The South Australian invention celebrated its 50th birthday on Monday. Riverland winemaker, Tom Angove created the bag as a more efficient and portable alternative to bottled wine in 1965.

Fairfax Media reported this week the Federal Government is considering an increase of the volumetric tax on ‘goon’, which could see the product double in price within 18 months. Major companies and health experts have lobbied the Abbott government to reconsider the volumetric tax, as cask wines are taxed at 16 cents per glass, while spirits, beers and bottled wines face taxes up to $1 per drink. 

According to the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol, volumetric taxation is one of the most effective ways to reduce alcohol consumption and associated harm it causes the community.