A Camden man is in training to take part in the Corporate Clash, a charity boxing event held in Macarthur in August to raise money for Rare Cancers Australia and other local charities.

Elderslie resident, Paul (Beefa) Clarke, 46, is stepping up for a good cause after being sponsored by his brother-in-law’s business GT’s Fencing.

Mr Clarke said the volunteers who participate have no prior boxing training, and it was a great way for local businesses to grow and ultimately raise money for charity.

“Everyone who does it has no experience at all, that’s the good thing,” Mr Clarke said.

“We all train together, and we get taught proper boxing skills, anyone can throw a punch, but they show us how to do it properly.

“People nominate themselves, and get their business involved, so it gives them free publicity as well.”

The Corporate Clash began in 2014, originally raising money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and has raised about $300,000 for charities over four years.

The event began raising money for Rare Cancers Australia three years ago.

52,000 Australians are diagnosed with rare cancers yearly, of which 25,000 people do not survive.

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA), aims to improve the lives, and health outcomes of Australians living with rare, or less common cancers. RCA offers personalised support, and their team of Specialist Cancer Navigators provide a support network for patients, carers and families to navigate the cancer journey.

RCA uses the funds raised to help patients access treatment, and connect patients with the best care and specialists in Australia.

RCA spokesperson Natalie Clancy said their connection with Corporate Clash had been strong over the past three years.

“We have a wonderful relationship with the Corporate Clash,” Ms Clancy said.

“They help us raise money by setting up a fundraising page on the RCA website, so all funds raised go directly to the charity and patients.

“They share the event details and fundraising campaign on their social channels and amongst the Macarthur community.”

Mr Clarke is one of 20 participants this year, of which there are six females and 14 males.

The event is being held at The Cube in Campbelltown where 10 fights will take place.

“You’re going in there knowing you’re going to get hit,” Mr Clarke said.

“It’s not easy to do, especially going out in front of a packed room. You could make a fool of yourself, could get knocked out first punch. Hope not, but you know.”

Corporate Clash 2023 is on August 5th, with the event already being sold out, reaching the room’s capacity of 200 people.