While the banner unfurled by student protestors at Q&A on Monday night wasn’t the greatest piece of protest paraphernalia created, the web is a treasure trove of funny, witty and poignant protest signs. We compiled a list of our favourites.

The Brits are very, well, British when they protest.

From mild mannered directness…

The barely contained outrage.
london.indymedia.org via Buzzfeed.com

…to the less polite, but by no means rude…


…to just plain punny.

The classic pun.
indymedia.org.uk via Buzzfeed.com

Some protestors just really need to get things off their chests

Like this poor bloke…

protest sign funny

…and this Mexican flatbread-deprived person…

Not a student related thing as such, but hot damn do we ever agree?

…and these brave guys at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

hardieboys via flickr.com

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what the heck people are even protesting about.

I mean, really: what DO you want?

Seen on someone's drive to work:

But other times, they can tug at the heart strings

Like the signs by people hit by Hurricane Sandy in 2012

Long Beach, New York, after Hurricane Sandy:
Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

Tuckerton, New Jersey:
via Facebook.com via Buzzfeed