The 62nd annual Eurovision singing competition is set to kick off, Australia once again has made the finals and the Europeans are wondering: Why?

In 2015 for the 60th anniversary of the Eurovision competition, our very own Guy Sebastian was nominated to represent Australia. Although this was intended to be a one-off year of Australia’s representation, we’ve made an appearance three years running, and Dami Im finished second last year.

The participation boils down to SBS’ membership in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). From that, they qualify for the song contest and SBS gets to rake in a whopping 4.1 million viewers in 2015 – a huge jump from the 2.7 million the year before.

This year, Australia is represented by Isaiah Firebrace, while The Voice 2014 winner Anja Nissen performs for Denmark.

The controversy comes from Australia not being in Europe. Australia, a country more than 14,000km away, has been systematically tuning in for 30 years now, and we love it. Israel also participates in the competition, and has won three times. Azerbaijan, Morocco and Russia have also contributed, although being banned from this year’s contest due to political issues with the host country Ukraine.

Nissen has received mixed responses to her participation under the Danish flag. 

“I love Denmark so much, and it was a fantastic experience to be in Denmark and will be taken as well against the Danes last year. It has always been my dream to be allowed to represent Denmark in the Eurovision,” she said.

Nissen will perform on Friday morning (Australia time) and Firebrace this morning succeeded in his semi final performance, and will progress straight through to the Grand Final.


(Cover photo taken from Financial Review)