As we forward excitedly towards the weekend, we find ourselves getting closer to the launch of the first Asian nightclub established in the Illawarra.

Hosted at the Steelers Club in Wollongong, the niche event called S – Party has sparked a strong interest throughout Wollongong University and particularly the Asian community on campus and living in the region.

This is another instalment into the extravagant world of niche nightclubs and bars that are scattered throughout New South Wales and always seem to seduce a large crowd. So here are the top five niche venues you need to know about and see for yourself.

1- Soda Factory

Located in Surry Hills; this venue adopts a 1950’s atmosphere with a food menu that is only outshone by the drinks. The Soda Factory is an escape into a past era, found behind a shining fortress in the form of vending machine door.

2- Krumpshaker

This oddly named event is hosted at the Flinders Hotel in Darlinghurst and is rewind to the grooving, slow hip-hops and R&B jams of the 1990’s thrown back into the mix. Any readers who fancy themselves some Salt n Pepa, De La Soul or – of course – TLC; this is s strong recomendation for some Sunday afternoon tomfoolery.

3- Jingle Jangle

Another music based niche event; Jingle Jangle – found at GoodGod Small Club on the last Friday of every month – is all about the roaring 20’s and the swinging 60’s. They serve up a platter of old school jams for the keen monthly crowd that doesn’t seem to get enough. If i can lay down any cons, GoodGod Small Club shuts at midnight on twelve which is a bit of a bummer.

4 – Girlthing

Despite the name, Girlthing – located on Oxford Streets Q-bar nightclub – is male friendly, but is the leading weekly event for the lesbian community in Sydney. Girlthing is renowned for its themed parties such as halloween and their illustrious Mardi Gras shindig.

5- S- Party

Facebook event page link

As mentioned prior, S-Party is an Asian nightclub event to hit the Illawarra, and will host headline DJ’s on a fortnightly basis. Despite the copious amount of Asian clubs throughout the Central Business District, the significance of this event – hosted at the Steelers Club- is that it is the first Asian club event in the Illawara region, and will cater to the large community of Asian dec at the university and people living in the region.