Many of us dread the cold dreary darkness of winter and most find it difficult to stay active, healthy and happy.

Here are 10 tips that will help you stay healthier, more positive and keep exercising during Wollongong’s chilly months.

1. The winter mornings are dark and grim sometimes. It’s time to move that alarm further away from your bed. You’ll be up and active in no time.


2. Take advantage of Wollongong’s iconic beaches. There’s nothing stopping you from layering up, popping on your runners and hitting the sand.


3. If you’re more inclined to stay indoors, why not try something new? Hangtime Trampoline Park will have your heart pumping and it’s a sure way to put a smile on your face.


4. Don’t forget your furry friends (the four legged canine kind) during the winter months. They will benefit from regular walks each week as much as you.


5. Join a Boot Camp. You’ll be fitter in no time and you’ll do it surrounded by supportive trainers and friends.


6. Get that playlist ready! Exercise and music are a dynamic team that will keep you focused on your workout and your ears will thank you.


7. Keep thinking about the return of summer. You’ll be running through the months towards the distant mirage of warm afternoons relaxing on the beach.


8. The gym isn’t for everyone, but for many it’s the best alternative to bearing the cold mornings or dark afternoons. All exercise is good exercise.


9. If you’ll be missing the water as your mode of exercise, it’s time to try out the local swimming pools. Avoid the 4pm rush, between the school kids and squad training there won’t be a lane free. Early morning is the best time to get in a few laps.


10. Always reward yourself and relax. A hot cup of tea or coffee after a good workout will ease your body and mind.